Is Jealously THE LARGEST Culprit In Thwarting Your Business Growth? 1

Is Jealously THE LARGEST Culprit In Thwarting Your Business Growth?

No magic tablet, wand, or formula was applied in creating this success tale. While SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING can have benefits to business growth, there’s an underlying, negative-based energy many people experience that could very well be contributing to having less their business growth. For all of us on the West Coast of Canada, each year we only reach enjoy a few months of summer warmth and sunlight.

This is the time we make plans to get out and enjoy the weather whenever you can. So that it stands to reason that lots of the articles shared on SOCIAL NETWORKING are gun-related. In the end, who would like to reveal posts about the hours they spend behind their computer working 15 hours a day? While away on holidays recently, it occurred to me there could be some who look upon my holiday-infused Facebook posts thinking this is my entire life – doing nothing but having fun and going on holidays. And when I considered it, I’ve given them no reason to believe otherwise.

If a new Facebook business-owner “friend” only noticed holiday-related posts, then that’s the impression they might have of me – I never appear to work! For all those that know me, this assumption is nonetheless not very true but, for the ones that don’t, I can see how they might come to that conclusion.

And the interesting thing is, that kind of bottom line has a far-reaching result that could very well be impacting their business success. That’s because rather than being happy for me personally, these are feeling a twinge of jealousy. Jealously is an extremely insidious thing that can sneak and snare the most unsuspecting person up. Just how many times have you viewed someone’s success or witness every one of the wonderful travels they’ve been on and secretly wished it was you rather than them?

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When this happens we nosedive into a absence and scarcity attitude. Our ego kicks into high gear and we enter competition mode. Comparing what WE DON’T has to what THEY DO have. So when that occurs, we’re not within an expansive, abundant state of mind. We’re stifling all energies needed for development, which can eventually result in too little success.

I did it too. I’d see people like Mari Smith travel the world doing keynote speeches or private consulting gigs and think how lucky she actually is to live such a magical life! But I noticed magic has absolutely nothing to do with it then! Whenever we see people like Mari, or me for example, reaping the rewards of our labor, we neglect to realize the labor part of that equation.

The ability to take time off, travel, go to spa visits, or relax at resorts is something of hard work. It didn’t all happen magically, or effortlessly for that matter. What does gratitude Want to do with success? I’ve spoken before about my secrets to success and aside from working long hours, creating a team and building a business smartly, the largest key to my success is gratitude.

I’m thankful every single day even if litigant is upset beside me. Gratitude can be within the lessons learned to avoid that occurrence from taking place again. I’m thankful for the hard-working, integral employee providing their notice. Gratitude can still be found because I could have them on my team so long as I did and appearance forward to how that person’s replacing will make a positive effect on my business. I’m thankful for the deadbeat, a non-paying customer. Gratitude can still be found knowing what kind of client to show down in the future, seeing the signs of the time they will be a challenge to collect from ahead.

This is what I do every day where it’s well noted in my appreciation journal I write atlanta divorce attorneys night. Success is what you want it to be. You are in charge. Despite the one-sided impression SOCIAL NETWORKING provides, there is absolutely no magic program, formulation, or product that will generate it for you. But with having an attitude of gratitude, a strong commitment to success and not letting jealously prevent you from thinking you could have that too, you will be successful. Daniel and I were quite destitute. 24,000 credit card debt (due to identity theft but that’s another story).

So I know what it feels as though to be on the far side of the pasture considering everything was so green over there and completely unattainable. However, what got us through to the other side is we offered directly into victimhood never. We believed things will better get, centered on being grateful for what we’d, and worked towards what I did so want.