Who Invented Physical Fitness? 1

Who Invented Physical Fitness?

Who Invented Physical Fitness? The primitive man could have laughed at the idea of you weight lifting or working stationary on a fitness treadmill. Physical fitness as a definite activity was unthinkable then and even in later times. Nevertheless, its existence nowadays can’t be related to anyone gifted mind for it just developed through time alongside man’s effort to survive and prosper.

The primitive man may snort at the thought but he added to it too unconsciously. Physical fitness advanced from the dawn of man and is still growing even in this very day. In prehistoric times, humans were held fit by the very activities they do to live normally. They hunt with bare legs and elementary manual implements that required a lot of running, stalking, and wrestling if necessary. That supposed extreme exercise to allow them to have food. As the men hunt, the ladies worked on the fields almost in bare-hands.

Even the kids were already honed for the same occupations their parents had. The food then of course was preservative free and bad cholesterol was unheard of. It was fresh, and often, though it was also fatty, much of it was squandered with the demanding activities physically. As time went by, with humankind’s ability to develop the various tools for production, machines were invented to make lives easier. Agriculture hunting and flourished as a main job waned until it became a mere hobby.

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Manufacture developed until the invention of modern machines fueled industrialization. Industrialization advanced further with the admittance of high technology even. With modern machines and computer technology, physical or manual labor diminished as mental activity became more dominant. Now, in the advanced industrial countries like the US, the normal working person doesn’t have the muscled and fit figure.

He is usually the overweight, bespectacled, and computer-literate stereotype often observed in family sitcoms. Todays typical food makes matters worse for somebody who spends most of his time sitting in an office. While it lacks the essential nutrients, it is usually rich in bad cholesterol, harmful preservatives, and other inorganic ingredients. One can argue though that the primitive diet of uncooked meat might be just as loaded with unwanted fat as the average burger. However, the primitive diet was also needed for the early mans extremely physical and rugged lifestyle while today’s burger body fat merely settles in the belly of an employee who does his work while seated for eight hours.

Worse, bad cholesterol has become ever more local common with the prevalence of processed meats on every dinner table. Fortunately, men made steps to prevent the cardio-vascular diseases caused by inertia and extra fat intake. They started to put stress into physical activities. The result is the development of physical fitness training programs. Measures have been introduced to effectively lose fat as well as the work-related mental stress.

Physical fitness has now turn into a trend everywhere. Balancing mental work and physical exercise has turned into a by-word in office lunchrooms and gyms. These are only a few of the basic information on health that you will get online. If you want to know more about fitness, you can check on Jesse’s site. He will help you achieve that physical body you have been looking forward to and success for you business.