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Musings On Markets

Is the purchase price rise merited? Following the post-report price jump, is Apple priced fully? To address these questions, I will draw on some of my earlier posts on Apple to check out a narrative that may clarify the market reaction. As some of you who have been reading this blog for a while know, I’ve long standing up obsession with everything to do with Apple.

My first post on Apple is at January 2011, and it was focused on the thin question of whether companies holding cash should be penalized for holding cash, and I otherwise argued. 700/share but conceded that I was biased both because I loved Apple products and had been a long-term holder of Apple stock. 700/talk about, partly because of what readers viewed as an inconsistency.

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Value investors are supposed to continue to keep undervalued stocks, not sell them. 700/talk about, ahead of that announcement. The marketplace reacted negatively to early news about the iPhone 5, even though it was the most successful smartphone launch in history. 500/share at the right time. 450/share, I used Apple as a test of my faith in the value and argued that my a reaction to the market would be a good indicator of whether I had been a classic value investor. In the full times that implemented, I also published on what Apple could do in response to the pricing collapse and how investors could view and benefit from the difference.

In February 2013, David Einhorn made a drive for Apple to return more cash to its stockholders. Though I disagreed along with his intend to use preferred stock to monetize the undervaluation, . I decided with his discussion that Apple should come back more cash to its stockholders. 420 during the announcement. 500/share by then, but it was appeared under appreciated if you ask me still.

Price and Value: Watch the distance! In July 2012 686, reflecting mainly the success that Apple was showing in overcoming scale, i.e., controlling to grow its revenues and maintain margins, regardless of its size. 639) for the first time during this time period and that represented the pricing peak, as momentum shifted in the weeks after dramatically. 675 in April, partly because of improvements in market mood (a lower equity risk premium) and partly because of reduced share count (due to Apple’s buybacks). Since Apr 2013 The price-value difference has closed a little, albeit in fits and begins, with the distance standing at 19 about.6% right before the last earnings report.

If you are interested in delving through the valuations at length, I have posted all twelve valuations I’ve done of Apple since January 2011 by the end of the post. If you’re suspicious (and you ought to always should be) that I have back-fit the figures, you can also check the valuations I published in my own blog in real time.