Chile is well known for being head in world copper creation. International large mining companies are established in Chile. However there is certainly room for small and medium-size investors to enter in a profitable business on a smaller level. The benefit of these business is that they are running or they take less time to put them into operation.

Within a couple of months they are available, if they are not carrying it out at a scale already. Chile is more than copper However. A couple of good opportunities producing other metals as gold, silver, and manganese ore, besides iron ore. There is a strong demand for minerals from many sources. In small mining is not regular to find the first 3 parties concentrated on the same person or company as it might happen in large mining companies. The later even may have the buyer under another name or they sell the merchandise to the refinery of the same keeping. On small mining the first three players are split, so there is certainly the business opportunity available to traders.

The business idea is to aid the company to remain small reproducing the same level of operation on different places, then multiplying the sales quickly. Or grow more to become medium-size player on a sole installation. On any full case, the development of sales and earnings can develop fast.

1. The Exploration business. Spend money on exploration to market the mines afterward without exploiting it. 2. Be a simple buyer of ores, without buying the mine, evolving some funds to place the mine into production, and paying for the process on another place and selling the results. 3. Another business is to put into creation a mine or expand the actual level and sell the ores. You may turn into a partner or have a deal on the mine.

4. Install or broaden a handling flower. It could be to process minerals from third parties, or even to add the processing unit for an own mine. The outcome is nutrients last or focus products, which can be purchased to clients. A couple of buyers asking for nutrients, but there aren’t enough companies.

Most of large mining functions have secured agreements and there is nothing available for third celebrations. So, one of the options to get nutrient is to produce a JV with the handling place or the mine owner, wherever is necessary for the financial support. We are trying to find traders or funding to get engaged with this offers. There are opportunities always. Some much better than others. So we would like to listen to of your interest to invest. However, we only receive requests from final traders or their legal staff. 30 million. It depends on the size of the business. If you donĀ“t understand of mining, we can protect your investment once we take care of the complete business.

  • The Marketing Mix: (7 Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence)
  • Location of competitors
  • Children, babies – allowed or not
  • A volunteer open fire department or save squad
  • 5 years ago from Northwest Washington with an Island
  • $95 annual charge waived for the first 12 months
  • Managerial Accounting

You can start with smaller quotas of investment. 2 million or be a part of a larger offer. If you email us, we will ask for your financial information before providing hard information regarding the deals we are developing. No problem to talk, but greater knowledge of the business take a serious investor.

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