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Miss Giraffe’s Class

Do you have a problem with how to truly have a quiet line? Is it hard to get your students to completely clean up and enter a series quietly quickly? When you try to walk somewhere, they’re very chatty or directly have trouble walking. If so, no worries, I have A TON of ideas and activities I’m about to give out to help you have the nicest looking, silent line in school!

I have obtained so many wonderful messages about how Blurt Beans or Blurt Cubes or the other strategies I discussed for the reason that post have transformed their class and it creates me so happy. Many thanks to all of you who’ve reached out and distributed your tales! I love, love, love to hear them! One question I constantly get, though, is thought about when they’re in-line?

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How should I keep them calm? THEREFORE I have a lot of tips to share to broaden on that post – What now? When they’re Beyond your classroom… walking in line… for your school to see? First, Ditch the Line Order! If you’re using a line order where students line up in the same order every time always, stop that immediately! I have NO idea why people do this. They’re always next to the same people and there is SO. MUCH. POWER. In the actual act of coating up!

Line order ruins that by having a predetermined place. Think about it – when going somewhere, kids LOVE to be first. They love getting to be by their friends also. If they already know their place in line is predetermined, why would they do anything that you should enter line? Why would they behave in line once they make it happen?

There is no motivation. If they know their behavior makes all the difference concerning their spot in line, they will work for those coveted first spots. They would like to be the first in-line to visit for lunch, first to recess, etc. so that it is something gained, and has so much power always. Kids will clean up so much faster in transitions if you inform them you’re looking for the best and quietest cleaners to line up first.

Not only will coating up be so significantly less stressful however your classroom can look a lot nicer and transitions will be so considerably faster! No one lines up until their table is clean and very organized… the quietest cleaners with the tidiest table fall into line first. Line order has a lot classroom management potential. Don’t up give that!

As they’re all cleaning, you can say, “Wow, red table is looking really nice!” “I love how green table is ensuring there’s nothing under their table. They’re almost ready to line up! ” “Wow, yellow table is done! All of the supplies in their candy are in the right compartments and look so organized.” to basically tell them precisely what you want without sounding bossy. Their directions are to totally clean their table and its own area, then sit in their seats quietly with their hands folded to show they are prepared to line up.