Would I Buy It Again? 1

Would I Buy It Again?

Fields Soothe Regimen for 2 months. I’m not just an article writer, I’m an engineer, a YouTuber, a Blogger, who likes makeup. I don’t sell these products, in truth I didn’t buy them, these were gifted if you ask me from a detailed friend who thought they might help my skin. I promise my honest review of them. If you’re exploring this routine then, you probably don’t need to be bothered by the facts of where you can buy, prices, and guarantees of the skincare. But hell, let’s do this quickly so my review is complete.

I have rosacea and delicate skin. Trying new products can be very hard when so many elements cause inflammation and stinging. So I was initially hesitant to test this out. Step 1 1 is a gentle cream cleanser, it contains ceramides. It is not a foaming face clean. I used coconut oil to remove my eye makeup but used this wash to remove makeup as well as clean my face.

It really proved helpful well, with no redness, itching, burning, nothing bad whatsoever. Step two 2 is the skin treatment; it contains peptides and Allantoin. Just a little goes a long way. There is something in this treatment that makes the redness seem calmer immediately. Again, I had formed no bad reactions. Step three 3 is a moisturizer.

Since I use some durable moisturizers, I had been skeptical that would work by itself. I was surprised, which I didn’t need to complement with anything else. No itchiness, stinging, or inflammation. Step 4 is where everything went wrong for me. Step 4 4 is the SPF 30 sunscreen. It includes Titanium Dioxide (2%) and Zinc Oxide (12%). I believe it is the zinc oxide which I cannot deal with.

Something about this formula made my face much more red and angry with some stinging around my nasal area. At night, applying Steps 1-3, my face appeared excellent. In the morning, when the sunscreen was used by me, it got much worse. I continue using the sunscreen for 3 weeks Foolishly. Then I quit the sunscreen and continued the regimen using my regular sunscreen. After 2 weeks you can view the full total results.

Definitely my face is less red in the forehead and chin area. My cheeks don’t show much change. It is so hard to get similar photos, so I apologize for the squinting eyes. I could let you know that the wrinkles under my eye demonstrated no improvement, but the elevens between my eye look better. There were some small wrinkles on my upper lip Also, that doesn’t come in the photos well, however they also significantly improved.

By enough time my 2-month test period was up, I have significant product remaining still, leaving me to believe that I could likely get 3 months out of these products. Summary – Would I again buy it? Well, And no Yes. I think there is something that works there.

170 for a 2-3 month source. It’s expensive. Taking a look at the pictures is interesting because I actually see more improvement then I observed from daily use. But the price is just too high for me personally. Plus, the sunscreen is useless for me. I’m no expert, but I believe the substances: Allantoin and the peptides Oligopeptide-10 and Tetrapeptide-16 were the most important factors.

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  7. Skin relaxing and refining with WITCHHAZEL Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

I could be wrong; I would need all the steps, but also for my next skincare program, I purchased the Rodan and Fields Radiant Defense, which contain these same peptides. I also will be looking into these dupes. For Treatment – Allantoin and Peptides: which would reproduce a few of the primary active in the Soothe Regime check out The Ordinary Buffet. Fields Radiant Defense, as I’ve. For the Cleanser, which is rich in ceramides, Take a look at CeraVe Baby, leave or wash Hydrating Cleanser. For the sunscreen, Have a look at CeraVe Baby SPF45 Sunscreen. It also has 12% zinc oxide.

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