Where To Make Money In 2019 1

Where To Make Money In 2019

Despite the challenging beginning to the entire year, majority of Kenyans remain hopeful that 2014 will bring with it better things; a bigger house, a fresh job, financial stability, and a new car. However, the difference between those who will achieve their dreams this year and those who won’t coming directly from the investment decisions they have made or can make this January.

For the business-savvy individuals, within the December holidays is gone enough time to reflect on the pleasure. The NSE is a one hot investment option for those willing to consider the risk and have a sizable financial cushion to absorb potential losses. Measured by the NSE all talk about index, a well-balanced stock portfolio of stocks in the stock market in 2013, made comes back of up to 50 percent. This means that a key. 500,000 investment in the stock market would have swelled to 750,000 normally.

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The Nairobi STOCK MARKET has been on the 2-12 months bullish run and the indications are that the gratitude in share price is defined to keep for a third year operating. However, the stock market, is quite volatile and is therefore best suited for traders with long-term investment views. It requires patience and good investment strategy, as it can result in loss of investment occasionally.

Generally, there are two categories of companies shown at the Nairobi Stock Exchange; the growth counters which basically pay the trader through talk about price gain but offer low to zero dividends and the older ones that pay high dividends each year. Growth companies should be viewed as long-term investments. They include NBK, Britam, DTB Centum, and NIC, amongst others.

The mature stocks that pay high dividend annually, include BAT, Bamburi, EABL, Carbacid, and the country Media Group. An obvious understanding of the performance of listing companies and the entire economic performance are good indications of which stocks to buy and those to sell. Forget Maina and King ‘anti’s cash cow, farming is becoming the new money-minting machine.

Young investors have realized the huge potential in this industry and the good-looking returns it offers. Besides soiling hands, establishing a value-addition vegetation represents an enormous growth with the prospect of high return on investment, for the small range investors who grow and sell agricultural products like onions, watermelons, apples, and tomatoes. Technological advancement, such as the use of greenhouses has help farmers controlling crop growing conditions thereby almost guaranteeing good yields.

Look at the number of Kenyans scrambling for fruits and vegetables and you’ll recognize that agribusiness is the in thing. Timing your harvest to coincide with the dry season will multiply your profits automatically. For large scale farming investors agribusiness offers lucrative opportunities such as leasing land for maize also, wheat, or potato farming. The popular for Kenyan plants oversees provides a ready market for horticultural investment farmers. The growth in the Kenyan real estate sector has continued for the past few decades, lifting most investors into the millionaire course.

A one-fourth acre piece of land in Nairobi, Kisumu, or Mombasa could earn you multi-millions either through just looking forward to price appreciation or developing it into a residential or commercial property. A high-rise residential apartment, directly concentrating on the middle to lessen income class where demand for casing is high, can fetch anything between, Sh4 million to Sh13 million depending on the location, quality and neighborhood of finish off.

The houses offering for between Sh1.5 million and Sh3.5 million concentrating on the low middle income are also a good investment chance of investors this year. Establishment of county governments and the devolution of functions and civil servants to the counties, offer good wagers as a large number of civil servants shall be looking for new homes.

To get the most value in the future, always be sure to move in before the infrastructure. Real estate investment thrives on speculations. Therefore, in a 12 months if you get a breeze of a planned medical center or street at a niche site, enter now. The Thika Superhighway, Northern bi-pass arrived and proceeded to go and real property traders made a wipeout for their money. THE TYPICAL Gauge Railway, Outering road, Turkana oil fields, and Lamu port are coming. 30 per cent of all government contracts, this year, will be reserved for the marginalized: the youth, the women, and the disabled. This opens a huge business opportunity for groups and individuals to work with the condition and earn a little extra coin.