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We all love birthday present freebies, in order someone with an early in the entire year birthday I wanted to talk about what I got! Sephora, Ulta, and Urban Decay all have rewards programs that provide birthday perks. Sephora offers two options for your free 2016-birthday gift – a skincare established from Fresh or a makeup established from Marc Jacobs.

Normally I choose the Sephora makeup set within the skincare, but this year’s Marc Jacobs duo didn’t interest me. I prefer thin eyeliner pencils on the thicker gel pencils to obtain a precise, slim collection or even to nightlife and I favor tinted lip balm or lip gloss to full on lipstick, so I proceeded to go for the other option.

I really was excited to try Fresh minis of the increased face mask and soy face cleanser – I have loved everything I have tried from Fresh in the past, especially their lip treatments. I am pleased to report both of these are quite nice and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. The best of both is the increased face mask – it has the aroma of real roses!

Neither product is a game changer, but I enjoy with them. I didn’t love each one of last year’s NARS pencils (Rikugien was fine but nothing special, and Cruella was crazy drying on me), so 2016 is a intensify. Unlike Sephora, Ulta’s free-birthday present changes quarterly. In February My birthday is, the January – February – March freebie therefore I got, which is a Benefit roller lash mascara mini!

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Compared to last year’s Ulta house brand palette, roller lash is luxurious downright. The best Ulta birthday present to date was the free full-size CK mascara (2014 easily remember correctly?), year for sure but this is better than last. No word yet on what the next quarter’s Ulta gift will be, but I am going to come and upgrade when they announce back. So far, I’m liking roller lash superior to Benefit’s they’re real mascara.

The brush on they’re real was sharpened and pokey and the formulation was way too wet and clumpy for my flavor. Roller lash is a lot more separating and lengthening than they’re real but can also get clumpy and weigh down the lashes with too much product. The roller lash wand is comparable to Cover Girl’s clump crusher, but just a little less curved and with a more dramatic difference in a nutshell as long bristles on each side of the wand.