Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review And Application Routine

While perusing the aisles of CVS searching for a fast and simple everyday basis, my eye landed upon CoverGirl Ready Sets Gorgeous Foundation. It fit all my needs: oil free, shine controlling, easy-to-use packaging, that they had my color match, and it was an excellent price. 4 – just what a deal! I must tell you, the first couple of times I used just the product I was.

I was deeply disappointed because I put heard such awesome things about it, such as it almost completely covers flaws, it controls sparkle for hours, and it stays put all day. Why wasn’t it working for me? I did so not bring my trusty Beauty Blender, nor did I bring my coveted Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki. Nope. I brought a disposable wedge sponge in the expectations of paring down my makeup kit.

Not only was I attempting a base for the very first time while abroad, but I didn’t even bring the proper tools! What was I thinnnkkking? I’ve noticed it said that basis is so easy to use that it can be applied with your fingers, but significantly, I am not a finger-application kind of girl. I never get even coverage, my foundation always eventually ends up streaky – it’s a hot mess.

Which is why I brought along the wedge sponge, thinking it would get the job done. It didn’t. Luckily I did so bring my favorite BB cream, and I could use that for the trip. Now, you may be questioning how CoverGirl Ready Sets Gorgeous Foundation had become a part of my regular basis routine, since I had such bad luck with it on my trip.

I’ll let you know – it’s all in the application form! When I came back home, made a decision to give the base another chance, because how can so many beauty gurus be wrong? I’m so happy I did! I attempted it with my Beauty Blender First, then my Sigma F80, and it was successful both times!

  • Holiday Eyes: Cranberry Saucy For The Camera
  • Do more makeup looks as well as adding more creative aspects to the looks I do
  • Imperfection is beauty
  • Dandruff Control: 1/2oz Tea Tree oil and 2 1/2oz strained Chamomile Tea
  • Can be utilized for all skin types
  • Running a Home Child Care /Daycare Center
  • Not enough hyaluronic acid
  • Engage in Healthy Competition

This just shows to me that the right tools can make or break something. Since then, I cannot put CoverGirl Ready Sets Gorgeous Foundation down! It has become my go-to every day basis, and it is loved by me! The only other downfall is that it has a fairly limited color selection – 12 shades that range from 105 Classic Ivory to 320 Soft Sable.

While there is a nice mixture of cool and warm shades, it’s likely you have to get creative and combine two colors to really get your perfect match. I have been using the shade 115 Buff Beige, which is perfect for right now, but as I grow paler I’ll have to drop down a known level or two. Shade 110 Creamy Natural seems to be on the pink side, therefore it will likely end up mixing Shade 105 Classic Ivory with the 115 Buff beige to achieve the correct color for my complexion. Now to the fun part – pictures of me applying makeup – lucky you!