DBS Multiplier Vs POSB, OCBC, UOB, BOC

My last post comparing all the different bank account needs to revise now. I used to be very motivated to create with this because this is one of the uncommon times where bank or investment company actually revise their bonus interest upwards. What is DBS Multiplier? I like the bunnies, quite creative! Given that I am a one-man shop at SnackFirst Especially, even more accounts are needed by me that does not assess me by my salary. 100 salaries, no matter how small the total amount, just as long as they are credited into DBS bank as SAL (salary category), you shall be able to hit the minimum requirements, which is the salary credit. Now the not-so-good part.

If you only credit your salary with no of the other 4 categories, you can only just get 0.05% interest, which is the bottom interest for just about any other banking institutions too. 15k – The high bonus interest at 2% to 3.5% is quite profitable. For people who spend a whole lot – Insurance providers, property realtors who spend quite a bit on entertainment and food on a monthly basis. Frankly, it’s useless for me.

500 a month, my salary is non-existent. I don’t plan to change my HDB loan to bank loan and I am certainly not going to start buying their insurance or investments because of this. 5,000 transacted amounts for DBS multiplier, which is the number for most people, the reward interest at 1.8 to 2% is not much different from OCBC 360 at 1.85% with no insurance and investments. I guess probably it’s a large push for people to get their home loans from DBS. Give birth to more babies then.

1 billion income mark this year, the development rate will probably because slow down, in the end, no enterprise can continue steadily to expand at an absurd rate permanently. At that time, the market will pay more focus on TWLO’s financial performance and its own ability to improve its margin, and how much profit TWLO will return to its investors.

  • Net service imports of R&D carried out for/in other countries
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  • Chinese slowdown and financial tail-risk
  • SSI or SSDI payments

With that said, the risks of TWLO not only comes from the company’s operation but also on how TWLO could realize the expectation of the market. If the business fails to expand its customer base or increase the per-customer spending on its products, the development prospect of TWLO might be impacted.

This could happen due to a big change in the market structure (such as growing communication channel, or constantly increasing service fees from providers), a security breach on TWLO’s products or shift popular from customers. If fees from carriers or AWS (which is TWLO’s direct cost) rise and reach the limit of TWLO’s capability to complete onto its customers, or significant enough to impact the demand of customers, the success of TWLO will be impacted.

The integration of communication network is complicated and requires constant maintenance to keep running smoothly. Any impact on TWLO’s system will negatively affect TWLO’s capability to deliver the service or products to its customers. It could be, but not limited to a security breach, the server’s outage or a glitch in the built-in network of providers.

Malicious attacks on the prices and use billing system targeted at financial gains may cause a reduction in TWLO’s procedure. An example is a local carrier could collude with others to maliciously cause a big amount of utilization for just one of TWLO’s clients which would lead to the local carrier’s gain.

The newly acquired companies, such as SendGrid, still need a process of integration into TWLO’s products system, sales stations, and teams. If TWLO fails to incorporate these lenders or any future companies it acquires, it will severely impact the expected synergies or realize a reduction from the goodwill on the balance sheet.

The new products under development could fall below the expectation and neglect to be monetized, reducing TWLO’s future profit margin. Disclosure: I am/we are long TWLO. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not getting compensation for it (apart from from Seeking Alpha). I’ve no continuing business relationship with any business whose stock is pointed out in this specific article.