Lintelek Fitness Tracker Review [Updated 2019]

Lintelek Fitness tracker has updated their previous version Fitness Tracker Watch ID107PLUS HR. To monitor your heart rate and health it has a specialist pedometer. The product came with lots of functions such as 24 hours real-time dynamic heart rate monitor, appropriate physical exercises, and weather forecast on the bracelet. The product features Music controller so that you can control your music on your smartphone freely. Lintelek Fitness tracker has 3 types of Alert. One is Sedentary Alert which means the device will inform you when you sit for a long period and another is like setting an alarm so that It will remind you to do exercise.

It features an SNS, SMS, and Call alert as well. Lintelek smart band features IP67 Waterproof, so you don’t have to remove it when shower, washing, or sweating hand. About Lintelek Smart Band App: Veryfitpro is the fantastic app for Lintelek fitness tracker. It is simple to download the app on Google play store. Search “VeryFitPro” on the search bar and download the app Just.

I have checked the application reviews and it is absolutely perfect, is effective. The application is very easy to use, & quick fast. GPS Track Connected: Turn on the GPS on your smartphone to check real-time walking. In addition, it addresses working like speed and distance in your screen. You can record a map of your workout path also. Weather Info: Provides three days weather report to be able to make good preparation before going out.

  • Lower reps create less of the “pump”
  • Interval train
  • Gastric balloon: BMI range from 30 to 40
  • “Grand plie”
  • You could easily get depressed

Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor: Automatically monitor heartrate and the exercise continually. It also helps to monitor the sleep time to keep the good life habit. 14-Sports modes tracker: The device provides multiple sports modes for all of your day to exercise. Call and Message Alert: Never Miss a call or message. These devices will vibrate, show caller ID and a message. You can suspend up phone calls directly from the smart band screen. This ID107PLUS HR model can works with most smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. It facilitates IOS 7.I or more and Android 4.4 or higher.

It doesn’t support home-windows system, tablet, or personal computer. This smart music group is very easy to use. Once the device is successfully linked to the APP, it’ll record, and evaluate your activities and sleeps automatically, as well as monitor-heartrate status. Without doubt that Lintelek Fitness Tracker is well worth the money. It offers everything that the typical Fitbit does but at low price. You can able to track your rest amount like deep sleep, awake rest, and light sleep. Also, track what lengths you walk per day, The device shall vibrate during any text messages on your phone and you will reply email, update Facebook position, track your heart rate. You can monitor many of these on the phone app that is free to download. The battery pack stays charged for many days and that means you don’t have to be concerned to charge it every day or night time.

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