Obagi Nu-derm Results

The Great Wall of China definitely wasn’t built in three weeks, but after three weeks of using the Obagi Nuderm products I am amazed. I have faithfully followed the directions my esthetician gave me to use on Obagi, and in as little as three weeks I have seen a difference. As my face is still bringing the impurities to the surface, I noticed a lot of acne along my t-zone and jawline that is presented by Obagi Blender and Tretinoin.

Both of the Tretinoin and Blender have begun to even out my skin tone and bring the acne to the surface. However, my face still has a slick feel from the Clear, Exfoderm and Sunscreen that I have to put on in the morning. I become really shine on my forehead and nose from the Clear and Sunscreen especially. Obagi Nuderm for Oily skin has not at all dried my face out or caused any longer oil on my face, but has it held my face from getting oily neither.

  1. Pack daily instead of monthly contacts
  2. Feels tight across the forehead, cheeks and chin
  3. Opt for royal red and fuchsia lipsticks if the skin tone ranges from fair to medium
  4. Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves
  5. Collaboration in the delivery of oxygen and inotropic drugs
  6. The indent above your upper lip (also called the Cupid’s Bow)
  7. And closing the pores tight to avoid clogging and

I find it hard to wear liquid basis as this makes my face more greasy, but easily try nutrient powder it cakes together with my face and i look like a ghost. Even though it makes my face greasy, my suggestion is always to go on and use a liquid foundation and then established your face with a translucent powder. I’ve noticed along my forehead a kind of “plumping” effect caused utilizing the Clear and Exfoderm Forte.

The Exfoderm Forte sloughs off the dead skin cells and allows for the Clear to correct my pores and skin and bring new skin to the top. My skin appears fuller throughout the wrinkles on my forehead. Also, I needed noticed that my skin surface damage on my cheeks got began to fade, but i went to the beach.

I forgot sunscreen one day and came home with lots of freckles. Obagi products come with a warning to remain from the sun as much as possible as your skin will be extra sensitive. This warning is most evident as my epidermis was much more susceptible to sunlight damage again.

So, the harm that I acquired begun to correct with the Obagi Clear was reversed. Overall, throughout the second week I am amazed with my results. Week three I am extremely happy Throughout. I am so excited. I’ve tried everything to get rid of my blackheads that are so deep no product could get rid of them. I noticed that my blackheads were being removed because it looked like a speck of dirt was on my face.