Fitbit Force Crosses The Blurred Line Between Fitness Tracker And Smartwatch 1

Fitbit Force Crosses The Blurred Line Between Fitness Tracker And Smartwatch

Seemingly each shopper know-how firm is growing computer systems that may sit on our faces or strap to our wrists instead of resting in our pockets or lounging on our desks. A brand-new period is upon us — but it surely may not be as new as we predict. Companies like Nike, Jawbone, and Fitbit have been releasing devices that could move as smartwatches for years. They simply have not been referred to as that; they’ve been referred to as fitness trackers, gadgets that we put on our wrists and use to make monitoring our well being as easy as checking the time.

The only thing they could not do is function as an extension of our smartphones and turn into glorified notification programs like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or the Pebble smartwatch. That changes in the present day with the Fitbit Force, the newest in Fitbit’s long line of fitness trackers. Like the corporate’s different units, the Fitbit Force will rely on your steps, calculates the calories you’ve got burned throughout the day, and monitor your sleep at night time.

Unlike these other devices, though, the Fitbit Force will also serve as an alarm clock and lets you recognize when somebody’s calling your smartphone. The blurry line between a “fitness tracker” and “smartwatch” has turned into even blurrier. Fitness monitoring was already one of the smartwatch’s essential-promoting factors. Consider the issues a system worn on your wrist can do better than a system resting in your pocket.

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