How To Share Files From Android To BlackBerry 1

How To Share Files From Android To BlackBerry

The easy workaround is to use cloud-based solutions – be it by emailing data files to each other, or utilizing a service like Dropbox – or utilizing a computer to physically download files and transfer them. However, the first method wastes data and time, as the file needs to be first uploaded and downloaded then, and utilizing a computer is cumbersome and might not always be possible often. Luckily, there are some useful applications that enable you to simplify this technique, and transfer files wirelessly.

We’ve already written about how to share files between iOS and Windows Phone, iOS and Android, and Android and Windows Phone. Now, we’ll walk you through sharing files between Android and BlackBerry devices. First things first, if you have a computer handy, this is a simple process. Hook up to both phones using USB data cables Just, and go to My Computer then. You can navigate through the files on both phones, copy-paste, and move and drop data files between them like you would move files on your PC just. If you don’t have a computer, you’ll need to use an application to transfer the files wirelessly.

Our top pick out is ES File Explorer, because it’s on both Google Play and theAmazon App Store – the last mentioned is also accessible to BlackBerry 10 devices, so you can install it on both platforms easily. ES File Explorer is also our favorite file manager – and it’s free – so it’s worth installing even if you’re not looking to transfer files right away.

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Here’s how it operates. 1. First, set up ES File Explorer on both devices. Android users should hear click, while BlackBerry users will need to install the Amazon App Store first, and then click here. 2. Next, connect both mobile phones to the same Wi-Fi network. 3. Open the application on both devices, and demand document you want to talk about then.

4. Tap and hold the file until a check mark shows up on the right. Now tap the More button in the bottom right of the display and faucet Send. 5. A popup will check out for other devices operating ES Document Explorer – touch the true name of the other device, and a verification prompt turns up on the receiver phone. Tap confirm, and the file wirelessly is delivered.

That’s all that you need to share data files wirelessly between Android and BlackBerry devices, and the ease of use, clean interface, and capability of ES File Explorer make it our top choice. What methods perhaps you have used to talk about files between cellular devices? Share your tips with us via the remarks.

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