Why Quality, Not ‘Quantity’ Is Most Important In TO GENERATE LEADS 1

Why Quality, Not ‘Quantity’ Is Most Important In TO GENERATE LEADS

It can be very tempting to check out the amount of leads you have put together and be satisfied, however, those figures can be deceiving and may eventually do nothing for your bottom line. “More leads” does not mean “better,” sales are the only objective. You can generate a million leads, but if do not require convert you just lost resources then. An excellent lead is not someone that just gives you their contact information, but matches the profile of your target demographic also. If they don’t fit the demographic, they will most likely not convert and hinder the efficiency of your lead generation campaign.

In economics, there is a concept called “the idea of diminishing returns” when the effort/resources expended becomes disproportionately high compared to the output. Having a big list of unqualified names isn’t just unprofitable but puts a huge strain on your customer acquisition process. Some customers are more ideal than others, signifying they shall spend more, purchase related products your company offers and send other clients to you.

How you find the perfect business lead is by examining your existing customer foundation, locating the high-quality customers and documenting the attributes that define the ideal potential customer. When you know the leads you want to target clearly, you reduce your CAC. You’ll find so many products and services provided by companies that can track analytics and can demonstrate which channels to use to best convert.

The best way to create leads is to spend more on customer retention and less on customer acquisition. Studies also show that only 12 percent of marketers focus on retention, even though it costs five times as much to get a new lead as opposed to retaining a vintage one.

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When devoting resources to existing customers to either upsell, cross-sell, or resell your time and efforts will be focused and have a higher possibility of converting. A study by Bain Please allow JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. How to Overcome Cold Call Anxiety? SalesNobody loves frosty calling and people have negative reactions because of this term. In fact, you won’t be wrong to say that most people hate frosty calling absolutely.

Basically, calling up strangers and endeavoring to convince these to buy something has become a waste of your time for the sales people. SalesAre you following a right techniques, tools, and training to leverage public press? Well, using sociable media platforms is not just limited to spending time on LinkedIn, Or Facebook Twitter. SalesA sales pipeline is the soul of your business. It is because the sales pipeline is one of the main components that can anticipate whether your businesses’ sales funnel is well balanced and healthy, or when there is any deficiency in the essential stages of your sales processes.