Why Small Business Owners PROGRESS Sales Results From Relationship Marketing 1

Why Small Business Owners PROGRESS Sales Results From Relationship Marketing

There are 3 major distinctions where direct marketing, also known as romantic relationship marketing veers sharply from traditional advertising. You will see why it’s the most cost effective method any business can do. But especially small business, because let’s face it – you may never have the money to throw at advertising that BIG business will. And the good news is you don’t need to. These proven concepts will continue to work on or offline over the table, for any business, in any press, with any service or product.

But first let’s be clear that immediate marketing is not simply direct mail. It includes email of course, but that was just the beginning it’s now expanded to add all the mediums available today. Remember the mass media is the delivery method just. So here’s the 3 major distinctions between traditional advertising, and direct marketing using direct response advertising. The foremost is, Direct Marketing is based on a one-on-one customer relationship which gives the capability to have 2-way communications.

Unlike traditional marketing direct marketing depends on dialogue. Everybody knows that people do business with people they know, like and trust which is best attained by building the relationship. So it’s not the “catch, and kill” approach here. Getting the contact information on your prospective customer is goal number 1 because it puts you in control of the communication process.

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You are no more susceptible to the crowded market if you are “talking” to your list. It is also easier to find more folks like them. The second is, Direct Marketing always has a call-to-action therefore the customer is asked to take action. And that’s because you “ask” these take the action you want them to take – either demand more info or place an order immediately. Whatever is the next logical step in your sales process.

In truth it’s called “a proactive approach” or “asking for the order” which doesn’t happen in the traditional advertising model. You see, there are 2 types of advertising. The dreaded awareness advertising and the champion “direct response”. It is important to understand why because the largest mistake I see small business owners make is they copy big businesses.

You won’t get this to mistake now you understand about immediate response advertising but naturally people believe that big companies are successful so they need to know what they are doing plus they “copy” their type of advertising. It is the very last thing you should do. Big companies use Awareness advertising which is image-structured advertising or brand understanding. They never ask their customer to do anything – think about all the ads you see on TV.