Balancing Scalability And Risk 1

Balancing Scalability And Risk

Business disruptions can be in any form from minor occasions to extreme disasters, each of them have the potential to prevent employees from addressing their place of work. It can be an application or a site being down also. Businesses today are relying highly on real-time usage of information for his or her business processes and applications. Any kind of disruption can have repercussions on business from loss of credibility and business reputation and related lack of revenue.

Thus to deal with these disruptions, businesses need to have a detailed remote control access strategy and business continuity planning (BCP) that can easily be transitioned to cope with emergency situations should be considered to avoid lack of productivity or revenue. Traditionally IPSec VPN remote control gain access to solutions were used to provide secure access to applications. You will need to evaluate the criticality of your business processes and technology and develop business continuity VPN and disaster-recovery plans using automatic workflow for assessment and approval. Emerging new systems solve the price, complexity and predictability problems; as all you need to support this type of access is a PC, laptop, PDA, or cellular phone that has an Web browser installed.

Regulatory compliance and government mandates organizations to ensure usage of key information, even during unforeseen events. Mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley, Others and HIPAA stay in effect, even if a business is working under less than ideal conditions. Thus for business continuity planning, many vendors will claim to have the best solution.

Thus businesses can take a proactive approach to their business continuity planning by planning ahead of time, with clear processes and responsibilities. A critical component of the overall business continuity plan is a secure remote access intend to ensure that remote employees can continue their work during and after a tragedy strikes.

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