Types of Pallet Rack Protections 1

Types of Pallet Rack Protections

When choosing a rack protector, it’s important to consider the type of system you have. There are many types of rack protection, including column guards, plastic extruded bumpers and guide rails. Shims can also be used. Rack protectors will stop forklifts running into individual frames and columns. There are also down-aisle guards, which guide forklifts through the system without ramming into visit the up coming post rack. These guards come in handy when forklifts have to move along narrow aisles or with high lifts. When you have any kind of queries with regards to where by as well as how to work with pallet rack column protectors, you’ll be able to e-mail us on our own web site.

Column guards

Forklift damage can cause serious damage to pallet racks in warehouses. Column guards or end-of aisle guards are options. This product has a U-shaped insert made of steel and energy-absorbing rubber pockets that absorb impact and redirect force away from it. RAMGuard is able to absorb impact better than other column protection devices. There are many choices for column guards or end of aisle guards. Offset and Slatback frames are the most popular choices for pallet rack columns. But, floor-mounted steel guards can be purchased as well.

Types of Pallet Rack Protections 2

There are many options for column guards. Common is the post protector, which fits flush on the column and protects it from the upright’s base. Available in different heights, these guards are available in three different styles and can accommodate columns up to three feet wide. A bullnose design can be used to protect columns up to three feet wide, depending on your needs.

Bumpers made of extruded plastic

The back mounting plate 12 is integrated with an innovative plastic extruded bumper 60. This component protects the ESL 10 and label from impact by interposing a resilient protuberance. FIGS. FIGS. 8(a)-8 (f) show the structural components of an ESL Holder, a Standard Label Holder, and a Combination Label/Sign Holder. These elements are disposed substantially parallel to the first arm plate 72.

Protect-it yellow plastic post protector fits onto the lower left column of a pallet rack upright. This plastic post protector protects pallet racks well. Warehouse rack damage poses a significant safety and occupational health risk. Forklifts may strike pallet racking during a low-speed collision, resulting in structural damage that places workers at risk. This problem can be solved by using Protect-it plastic post protectors.

Guide rails

Guide rails and pallet rack bumpers are vital parts of any warehouse’s storage system. Guide rails can be used as barriers and fences to seperate forklifts or other equipment from personnel. You can find guide rails in a variety colors, designs, and sizes to fit your needs. They are easy to install and are designed to take full impact. In narrow aisle applications where a forklift might run into the rack, guide rails are essential.

Column and row end guardrails are two of the most common types of protective rails. They protect the uprights against impact and prevent collisions between racks. Wraparound protection is provided for the front and sides. On the other side, single column protectors are placed at the base of each upright. They are usually painted Safety Yellow and are designed to extend the height of the rack.


Shims for pallet racks can be used to stop loads from falling off the uprights. Shims come in many sizes to protect the racks against impact. The largest shim size must not exceed six times the diameter or the largest anchorbolt. In addition, shims must be locked by welding or adding a second anchor. Loads should not be moved near broken uprights. Shims are inexpensive and easy to use, but careful installation is necessary to prevent rack collapse.

Pallet rack uprights can be kept level by using shims. Warehouse floors are often uneven. This can lead to racking tipping and wobbling. Shims for pallet racks nest underneath the footplate of each upright to keep it level. They also add strength to the uprights. You can also purchase shims for pallet shelves that run along walls. Your rack system’s key component is the shims.

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