After so much enthusiasm about the thought of joining a gym, keeping membership becomes more than a chore. The following are top ten explanations why people cancel fitness center membership. 1.LACK OF TIME: Everyone seems to be too busy to go to the fitness center. It’s either today they need to watch a common TV show or they have to be at the mall with friends. After their 9-5 job, you don’t expect these to be all sweaty doing cardio. Duh!

2.LACK OF MOTIVATION:Some individuals want instant weight reduction so as soon as their fitness center workout is not making them lose weight fast,they lose interest.Other folks also discourage and criticize them making them cancel fitness center regular membership. 3.LAZINESS: Laziness is a disease that can affect anyone. Some people are just too sluggish to visit the fitness center. This mentality also holds for those lazy people, “that if they don’t really workout today, in the end tomorrow is another day” no damage is triggered.

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4.TOO EXPENSIVE:Gyms are taking benefit of peoples’ desperation to lose excess weight and charge high enrollment fees and regular monthly fees.Many people cancel gym regular membership when they feel that their gym account fees is taking a huge part of their budget. 5.EMBARRASSMENT: A lot of people feel uncomfortable when they are gym users. They think everybody else is laughing at their flabby hands. Maybe on their way to the fitness center, it appears like every one they see is pointing fingers at them making them cancel account. 6.POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Everyone wants to be spoken to politely and treated with dignity. Why should they visit a gym where anyone can speak to them anyhow?

People also cancel their membership if the fitness center staff are no prepared to assist them and answer their questions. 7.POOR HYGIENE: Many people stop heading to the fitness center because the place might be too untidy. Washrooms and Lockers are dirty, equipments are dusty, etc. Sometimes they quit when the fitness center employees and people do not notice personal hygiene. 8.OVERCROWDING: Some gyms aren’t big enough to support all users. Sometimes the equipments are not adequate, resulting in long queues. For your weight-loss goals, becoming a member of a fitness center is strongly suggested so you have to try very overcome and hard the barriers above. It is very important that you make the right choice of the gym so that you don’t regret your decision later.

However, since the “assumptions of excellence” apply as much to the written word as to audio and visual exposure, take advantage of that fact, and write as much and as often as you can! As being a side note, writing is also an excellent way for you to enhance your own knowledge in your field.

For example, let’s use the story of a talented fitness expert who is trying to get the position of Director of Fitness Programming at a little but successful local fitness center. We shall call our imaginary professional Joe Trainer, and we’ll say for the record that Joe does indeed hold an effective track record in the personal training industry.