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Objectively, the interests are being offered by them of the planet’s foes – not its friends. The capitalists’ oft-repeated accusation they are facing “Red-Greens” is, however, entirely justified. If by “red” is meant a force dedicated to overturning the prevailing capitalist system and replacing it with one where the three great goals of freedom, equality and sustainability will each become the indispensable guarantor of the other. Using their first appearance in the 1980s, Green parties across the world have presented themselves as both exemplars and advocates of four foundational principles: Ecological Wisdom; Social Justice; Participatory Democracy; and Nonviolence.

Each of these principles is antithetical to the founding concepts of Capitalism: The Subjugation of Nature; Human Exploitation; Plutocracy; and Coercive Violence. The problem confronting Green followers in New Zealand in 2019 is merely how far the Green Party has drifted from the global Green Movement’s original beliefs. There’s a popular and growing feeling that the Greens’ parliamentary reps are no longer Capitalism’s foes, but its enablers. Only when Green voters are willing to subscribe to the fiction of “weightless” capitalist corporations that leave no “carbon footprint”, can Shaw’s pitch be rendered credible. Except that, the cell phone in his pocket, the lap-top in his shoulder-bag, both claim against his proposition. As for the Greens’ feminine co-leader, Marama Davidson.

Perhaps the best that can be said of her performance is that it has been distinguished by neither wisdom, nor justice. Nor with a conspicuous quantum to democracy – participatory or elsewhere even. Most absent has been the founding Green basic principle of Nonviolence notably. On the contrary, Davidson’s “woke” faction of the party, swept up in the ever-tightening coils of identity politics, have unleashed an even of emotional violence upon those it deems ideological heretics that must surely make the party’s founders weep. Even so, the National Party head, Simon Bridges’, enthusiasm for Vernon Tava’s “Blue-Green” initiative is misplaced.

Such an apparent example of right-wing “astroturfing” would produce little of electoral value. Besides, every one of the right time, effort and resources necessary to draw off enough votes to hint the Greens out of Parliament would, ultimately, be counter-productive politically. New Zealand Capitalism is much better served by leaving the existing Green Party wherever it is.

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Like theft, which is what inflation about is absolutely all, where the thief gains wealth but at the trouble of the victim, inflation also exchanges wealth from one group to some other. One-man shop Professionals can often increase their incomes to maintain or stay ahead of inflation thereby gaining or at least not experiencing inflation in its initial stages.

Regular employees whose income are fixed by their company or by union agreements that fix wages for a year or more. In the past unionized workers whose hard earned union contract assured them a good income often saw the value of that wage shrink as inflation occur. Borrowers gain because they’re able to pay back their loans with money that is worth less than the amount of money they lent. Lenders are hurt as the worthiness of their loans are being repaid with cheap money whose purchasing power is significantly less than the purchasing power of the money originally loaned.

The wealth transfer here’s from the common citizen who will save to the common citizen who borrows. Normally, there is certainly nothing incorrect with being truly a saver or debtor as each advantages from the activities of the other. However, inflation perverts this mutually beneficial relationship into a kind of fraud normally.

A big beneficiary, again in the first phases of inflation, is government and politicians. Since ancient times unscrupulous rulers have used inflation to advance government wealth at the expense of their people. Governments and politicians often see inflating the amount of money supply as a way to increase spending and never have to raise taxes.