This Is Only The Beginning 1

This Is Only The Beginning

Thailand used to have a Prime Minister named Thaksin Shinawatra. He was a very wealthy businessman whose family possessed a large part of Thailand’s mobile phone service. Thaksin was also corrupt. His government engaged in an extrajudicial war on drugs and stifled dissent in both national authorities and the press. He also abused his position as Prime Minister to activate in nepotism and enrich his business holdings. Thailand revolted and this pressured an election against Thaksin and his bulk. Because of the “snap” election in which campaigning and politics maneuvering were severely limited, most minority politicians boycotted. Thaksin and his political party easily gained the election.

The election results were tossed out by the Supreme Court. They instituted a “caretaker” authorities (led by Thaksin’s party) until “proper” elections could be held later in the year. In September of 2006, before new elections could be kept (which Thaksin would probably have earned) The Yellow Shirts and military services performed a coup d’etat while Thaksin was from the country. Thaksin’s competitors. Additionally, Thaksin’s political party was dissolved, and many of the top associates were prohibited for 5 years from politics because of their unlawful payment to small political parties to stand in the 2006 elections. The remainder of Thaksin’s politics compatriots joined up with another minor political party.

The remnants of Thaksin’s political coalition won another election scheduled by the military-backed authorities at the end of 2007, essentially “overturning” the coup d’etat. Immediately Quite, The Yellow Shirts stated, essentially, that any party constructed mainly of Thaksin’s old politics party was essentially exactly like the previously-banned political party.

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In addition, charges were manufactured from further election irregularities for Thaksin’s political coalition. However, Prime Minister Samak – hands picked by Thaksin, who was directing Thai politics from exile beyond Thailand – got office. Thaksin returned to Thailand briefly, was charged with corruption, and then quickly fled the united states again to be attempted and convicted in absentia. A vote was pressured by Yellow Tops have no self-confidence against PM Samak. The Yellow Shirts protested. Samak from the working office of Primary Minister. The Thai government, with a pro-Thaksin majority, voted PM Samak back to the office immediately.

However, Samak discontinued his post. Therefore, the pro-Thaksin majority put Thaksin’s brother-in-law, Somchai, in the Prime Minister’s office. The Yellow Tee shirts got a fit obviously. They shut down Bangkok’s international airport for 10 days. The Supreme Court ruled that Somchai and Thaksin’s old political partners – regardless of what party these were in – were essentially still members of Thaksin’s political party. The ongoing party leaders were banned from politics for 5 years.

Obviously they were furious because three different governments that they supported had been trashed by the military services, the courts, and The Yellow Shirts’ actions. So here we are today: The Red Shirts know that if they can power an election, the majority that they signify will likely win and the federal government that they choose will be friendly to ex-PM Thaksin and his political ideology. If The Red Shirts gets their way, The Yellow Tops will take their place in the roads then. This is only the beginning.