Amazon: Counterfeit Cosmetic Danger 1

Amazon: Counterfeit Cosmetic Danger

Our skin care clinic had a client come in having purchased her lash improving serum off AMAZON at a significant discount from MSRP. Her lashes dropped out in clumps, she respected Amazon on her behalf purchase and received a counterfeit. This incident might have been much worse; the lash product had the to permanently damaged her vision. Currently, we are unaware if her lashes will grow due to damage of the hair follicle back, but we are hopeful for a complete recovery in 3-6 months. Scary out there It’s.

This is the 3rd incident I have personally witnessed before 18 months. January of 2014 In, the FBI released a warning. Phony makeup products often contain things such as arsenic, beryllium, and cadmium (all known carcinogens) along with high levels of aluminum and dangerous levels of bacteria. A few of these products have triggered conditions like acne, psoriasis, rashes, and eyesight infections. Counterfeit fragrances have been found to contain something called DEHP, classified by environmentally friendly Protection Agency as a probable individual carcinogen.

Currently, I am looking to build an online retail site so that you can make your products directly from me. I am an authorized dealer and get my products straight from the manufacturer. Have you ever wondered just why there are labels on products that may say something similar to: “Genuine products are just guaranteed when sold in certified salons and spas? ” Diversion is quite typical when it comes to hair maintenance systems and is certainly on the rise for skin care, too. Simply take a walk down the beauty aisle of one of the best box stores and you will certainly see some typical salon professional locks care and attention product brand, such as Paul Mitchell, Redken, Big and Matrix Sexy.

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What Does Diversion Mean for you? Diverted products are obtained through what’s known as the “grey” market. It may look the same, smell the same, feel the same and have almost identical packaging – but could it be the same? Diverted skin and hair care products can be counterfeit, old, diluted or contain parasites. Many times they are expired products which have been sitting in non-climate controlled warehouses. These products might not be safe to use and could cause irritation or infection.

Products purchased from an “unauthorized” retailer are NOT guaranteed by the product manufacturer to be genuine and perform as tested. PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. I too love using Amazon Perfect. Make sure you are purchasing authentic goods from a reputable retailer. Remember if Amazon is shipping the product doesn’t indicate they are also the seller. On sites like Amazon and eBay, be careful if it can be used on the skin, eyes or ingested. It’s just not worth the chance.

9. Curd Face Mask for Dry Skin: Curd has anti-bacterial properties and is filled with antioxidants that make the skin soft and radiant. It is an ideal home-based remedy for dried out skin. It offers lactic acid, which can remove bacterias from your skin that are usually harmful. For better results, mix just a little honey and a few drops of lime juice with curd and use it on the skin, leaving it for 10 minutes rinse it off then. 10. Papaya and Avocado Face Mask: Avocado nose and mouth mask is most reliable home remedy for dry epidermis.