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Concealer will probably be your closest friend or your most severe enemy, depending on how you apply it. Here’s ways to get it just right. What exactly are concealers for? Do I really need one? Why do they make those funny colored green, lilac, and pink things? How do I cover circles without which makes it look worse than when I started?

Simmer down. All will be exposed – and I will show you how to conceal everything again then! One of the most typical errors is within the selection of a color. I personally suffer from dark shadows which have garnered comments like ‘What occurred to your eyes? It really gets the day off to a fantastic start, I could tell you. The problem for those of us with really dark circles have is that we want to protect them completely, so we head straight for the lightest color we will get. The darker the circle, the darker the concealer should be.

If you try to cover with something light, you’ll have the end result of a muddy ashen smudge that’s not much better than what you started with. Test the color of the concealer OVER your base Always. If the result is invisible, you have the correct shade. If you demand, you could drop one color for dark circles but you will need to be much more careful with your application.

White bands under your eye look in the same way bad as dark ones. To keep things as natural as you can, apply your foundation first and then top up the cover on only the inner fifty percent of the under-attention. This way if you have the beginnings of fine lines, you are not adding weight to the outer half and showing off the nagging problem. You shall get the easiest cover with a clean. Any old lip brush can do the trick. You have much more control with a brush than you have with your fingers.

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If you’d like to use your finger, opt for your band finger, as it is weaker and can apply less pressure to the sensitive skin. If it begins to look overweight, apply a handful of your eyecream outrageous to clean it down a bit. You can combine the concealer, if it’s heavy too, with some eye cream and make it a ‘treatment’ concealer.

Puffs and hand bags are much harder to hide; it is easier to draw attention away from them far. Again using a brush (once you’ve applied your foundation), color a lighter concealer into the dip under the handbag somewhat. The best products for this have light-diffusing particles. The result is that you would like to bounce the shadow under the eye-bag away.